Values and Goals

Values and GoalsValues and Goals
A very important topic, which is the character of any brand. What are Leandro Lopes‘ values and goals? A very complex question with a large horizon, I think. Many see the brand, the online store, the Instagram account, but not what is really behind it. It is supported by people who keep it alive and give it life, and it is adorned by the values and goals it carries. It is and always has been important to me not only to create clothes, but also to tell a story with them. Leandro Lopes should not only be associated with stylish shoes, but with so much more. When you wear Leandro Lopes, you should feel completely comfortable, you wear a name that stands for much more than fashion. You wear a piece that is supposed to convey self-strength and selfconfidence. You should always remember that you can do anything if you really want to. We stand for never giving up and we want to convey that defeats only seem bad for the moment, but in reality they should and will push you forward to become even stronger. I want to show my clients that everyone is worth it and everyone has the right to equal opportunities. The bottom line is that everyone has equal opportunities, but many don‘t see that and focus only on what they don‘t have. It is infinitely important to broaden one‘s horizons. „THINK BIG“ is our motto. Think big, think wide, think without limits! What is not possible will be made possible. Just because it‘s not right in front of your eyes doesn‘t mean it doesn‘t exist. I want everyone to believe in themselves. Leandro Lopes is supposed to stand for perspective, for the fact that sometimes you have to change your perspective to see what is essential. Leandro Lopes means growth and self-reflection, I want you to feel strong when you wear my Pieces. It should show you that you are strong and that the impossible can become possible. Leandro Lopes is the reminder that you can carry with you every day - As a sneaker, as a shirt, as a cover. This reminder comes in every form. Leandro Lopes is the strength of each individual and that is important to me.