Give your skin fashioned soul Give your skin fashioned soul

Fresh & Clean from Germany

made in germany

Leandro Lopes fresh cosmetics are produced exclusively in one of the leading manufactories in Germany. Away from industrial manufacturing and biochemical production, it is vegan, free from artificial emulsifiers and stabilisers and freshly produced.

Vegan, from the purest nature and with premium active ingredients from the plant kingdom. Astaxanthin, bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, gold and other valuable and highly concentrated serums. Premium Nature & Supernatural


Unisex Innovations

9 billion people & all genders

It was time for cosmetics that make no difference. People are free in their sexual and mental orientation. That's why our cosmetics are UNISEX. Leandro Lopes is sending out a signal that cosmetics are an issue of equality. All formulas are developed to be ideal and effective for every skin type and personality.

Leandro Lopes

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