How it all began

The Leandro Lopes success story started more than 50 years ago in Portugal. My grandfather Manuel Lopes founded a factory for high-quality shoes and classic leather goods in Felgueiras in 1962. In this small town in the north of Portugal, a branch of my family continued the family business until today. In the 80‘s my family was hit by a heavy blow - the early death of my grandfather and grandmother. A difficult time, for us as a family but also for the factory, which had to close in the meantime due to this. As fate would have it, it then went ahead and the factory could continue to live. I myself discovered early my heart for fashion and drew tons of designs. Then, at the right age, I began to work on the selection of materials and the handy production of footwear and leatherwork. A passion that should not leave me until today and which already then represented the origin for my today‘s successful brand.
,b>The way to Germany

When the economic situation of the factory increasingly deteriorated due to the death of my grandparents in the 80s, my parents decided to emigrate to Germany together with us children in 1993. We needed a new perspective, because this was no longer possible for us due to the closure of the company in Portugal. My relatives stayed in Portugal and then managed to reopen the factory and keep it alive. Despite the initial difficulties in our new environment, lack of German language skills and our dicey financial situation, we bit our way through the foreign country. Even in Germany, I never lost sight of my dream and, above all, never lost my heart. Designing fashion and working as a successful designer and entrepreneur always remained my goal. After I successfully finished my school it was finally time. I decided to carry on the family legacy and make my own name a brand. Hard work pays off, because today I design and produce exclusive creations together with my team. I have made my dream a reality.