The Faisca

The FaiscaThe Faisca
The Leandro Lopes Faisca - Whether low or mid top, it is and remains an absolute classic and probably my perennial favorite. This model is like your own child, which you have now seen grow up. He has been one of the first designs and is now a kind of trademark for us. The Faisca has always been convincing and has helped us get to where we are now. It has been our bestseller for years, and not without reason: the combination of the finest calfskin, an innovative sole and our well-known diamond quilting pattern make the Faisca something very special. My heart and soul is in this shoe, not that it isn‘t the case with my other creations, but I have a different, extraordinary bond with this sneaker. I loved the design process because from the beginning you knew you were going to create a unique piece that you wouldn‘t forget. This has proven to be true, because I am sure that the Faisca will never be forgotten. The connection with Leandro Lopes will always remain and a specimen like this will not come before your eyes again so quickly. Incomparable and unique, that‘s what makes it stand out. Should you decide to purchase a Faisca, you will get a companion for all situations in life. With the right care and proper handling, it will remain faithful to you for a lifetime. Treat this shoe with love, because there is so much more to it than just being a piece of clothing. It is an all-rounder, combinable with all kinds of outfits - whether sporty with joggers and hoodie or elegant with a suit, it always adapts to your look. Reliability, variety and loyalty are his best characteristics. A heart, which means infinitely much to me and which I would like to pass on to my customers.