Shipping Process

Shipping ProcessShipping Process
How is my order actually processed? I can well understand that you are interested in this. It is also a process in which it was always important to me that there is also a lot of love in it. One always associates shipping and the layers of an online store that can‘t be seen with something dry, gray, something that takes place without much heart. With us, however, it‘s the opposite. In our warehouse, all items are carefully stored and waiting to come to you. When your order arrives, the system takes it and checks all the conditions. This is again a different process, but it is not relevant for shipping. Your order is put on a pick list, which is then passed on to our warehouse staff. They then pick out the item they want and take it to the packing table. It is scanned so the system can pick it up and create a shipping label. The box for shipping is prepared and then your item is thoroughly checked again. The exterior is checked and also the item itself. Everything is done with time and calmness. The item is then carefully placed in the box, which is closed and the shipping label is attached. Your order is then packed and put on the DHL truck, with which all orders of the day are then picked up in the afternoon. It is important to me that shipping is not an assembly line job with only speed and efficiency in mind - Sure, both are important to ensure fast shipping, but it is additionally important to me that my products, made with love, are treated with the same love in shipping. We‘ve managed to combine speedy delivery with a thorough inspection and the requisite amount of heart, and I‘m very proud of that. So you can be sure that each of your orders will be treated separately by us and will reach you only through good hands - A promise that not everyone can and will keep, but for me personally is of the utmost importance.