A decision that seems easy yet takes masses of time. During my years as a designer and my collaboration with many people in the industry, I have always realized how important the selection of the right material is for the completion and perfection of my designs. You may think that there is a limited repertoire, but the size of the real selection is simply unimaginable. There is every type of fabric in yet another 100 ways - finer, coarser, firmer, softer. In addition, one must not forget the many colors. It‘s a job that gives me immense pleasure, but to be honest it often gets on my last nerve. The creation of sketches and the final completion of that, with all the details and the exact fit, is a very exciting process. Once you are through with it, you might think that the roughest part is already done. But only when the part is finished, the planning is done, the real decisions start. A design can be so perfect and flawless, but what makes it real is the right fabric. It must not be too thin, not too firm, not too structured but not too plain. It is a must to make the right choice. It gives the garment its character and personality. You sort of bring it to life and see it come to life. I‘ve learned to put a lot of time into making a perfect choice. It‘s not enough for me to create a stunning design and then not be able to perfect it. I will never finish a piece once it doesn‘t meet 100% of my expectations and I haven‘t found the exact materials that will bring my design to life. I think that‘s a thought and a decision that you have to learn to understand and grasp first. As a designer, you always want a lot at once, sometimes too much. You have too many ideas that need to be implemented in too short a time. I‘ve had to learn time and again along the way that this doesn‘t work. In the same way, however, I have learned that good things take time and I have continued to perfect myself and my work. I can‘t emphasize enough how important it is to keep rising above yourself. The choice of material doesn‘t really seem to be connected to this, but it‘s exactly these small, seemingly banal things that teach you to think in different directions. Only when you start doing that and always go one step further, only then you learn to grow and optimize yourself and the way you work.