LL and VIPs

LL and VIPsLL and VIPs
Many people always ask me how we managed to get any kind of stars and when answering this question I always realize that I can‘t really explain it at all. There is no recipe and no manual to follow. Honestly, there is no secret ingredient either. I could now say - I don‘t know, I don‘t know. - But there are a few points that I think have helped us to this successful connection. The most important of all points is of course a good interpersonal bond. In our case, Mohamad comes first: He is a very open-minded, extroverted, and warm-hearted person - qualities with which one collects plus points with almost everyone. As luck would have it, soccer players and the like are also very normal people, something that many people forget. And Mohamad is well received by everyone. It all starts with word of mouth and getting to know new people. These humans know again other humans, who know again new. Thus one builds up a good network since one makes again further acquaintances by the acquaintances. So it goes on and on, you get to know someone, you are introduced to their contacts, they introduce you to new people again. Sounds easy and quickly done, but it is not at all. It is not enough just to know the people. You really have to know them! Two sentences that sound so much the same, but if you read correctly, you can tell the difference. It is important to always build an honest connection. If the vibe is not there, then so be it. You can often be taken advantage of, that‘s also the case. But you must never forget the human factor, we never did and I‘m sure that‘s also why we‘ve come so far. We have built a network of deep and meaningful friendships, that makes us different. We see the people behind the names and we put a lot of emphasis on just getting along great on an interpersonal level, privately as well as in business. This is a factor that many people forget or deliberately do not put in front. Another important point is of course that we could always convince with our goods. You have to imagine that VIP‘s of any kind get tons of PR sent to them. They almost can‘t differentiate and to stand out there, you really have to create something very special - And we did. The buzz on our sneakers was huge and also the shirts, hoodies and other products always made an impression. Something that makes me really proud. I‘ve made great friends and spread my brand, which I put a lot of love into. There is hardly a more beautiful combination.