Key Pieces

Key PiecesKey Pieces
As a fashion lover, although lover can probably never do justice to my feelings towards fashion, I have been able to notice over and over again in recent years how important it is to build up certain basics and basics in his closet. I don‘t mean white undershirts and different pairs of socks in black, white and gray, but I‘m talking about real key pieces. Pieces that you can fall back on over and over again and that give you the security that you will always find something to wear. Because I know exactly how many of you out there sometimes stand in front of your filled closet and feel like it has no content. Most of the time, the reason for this are pieces of clothing that you like, but for which you don‘t have the right combination ready. And that‘s exactly why key pieces are so important. With them you can create your base and build on it. I always put a lot of emphasis on the right pair of shoes. A shoe that is cobinable to everything, has a high quality, but in itself is not too boring - Never forget that basics should not be boring! After all, the right basics also speak for themselves. A great pair of jeans are also high on my list. A classic cut, a nice wash and a comfortable quality. A pair of jeans that you pull out of your closet again and again, because they simply go with everything. Equally important are different types of tops - t-shirts, slim fit and oversized, hoodies and sweaters, and sweatshirt jackets. Super important staples that no closet should be without. High quality fabrics and prints pleasing to the eye. Alone the fit distinguishes the outfit in the end. Sounds logical, but is not as easy to find as you might think. But do not worry - For this I and my brand Leandro Lopes come into play. I have designed many pieces and thought them through for a long time. The result are my so beloved key pieces, which I talk about all the time. You‘ll find more unusual things in my collection, of course, but this is primarily about the classics, which nevertheless always get a certain twist. Below you will find a list of my favorite items. Through these you build a perfect base, combinable with everything and stand alone yet so unique - The perfect key pieces.