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This is not going to be a guide or a manual on how to start a business. However, I would like to explain my thoughts and feelings about it and hope that I can possibly help someone who is thinking of starting one. I feel that starting a business in this day and age is a subject that is handled very gullibly and with less seriousness than in the past. It‘s a very complex topic that is described a bit too simply in today‘s world. Sure, the possibilities we have today are definitely better than in the past and they certainly make things easier for us, but one must never forget that it is still a very daring step. Not always negative, I don‘t want to convey that here. To me, it‘s just important to have enough information and not be too cavalier about the subject and rush into something you‘re not ready for. I speak from experience, as two businesses of Mohamad‘s and mine have already failed. Experiences that have strengthened me, but that I mti certainly not wish everyone. If you have really prepared extensively and feel 100% ready, it is a step that takes you even further in the direction of self-discovery, self-strength and independence. Not only because you then name self-employment as your professional status, but because you grow as a personality and as a character. Founding Leandro Lopes has had an enormous impact on me. Negatively, as well as positively. The negative characteristics more because we didn‘t know exactly what we were doing. We just did it, which in the end I really don‘t regret. Sometimes something like that is also important and a good way, sometimes it goes in the pants. You really outgrow yourself and discover abilities that you wouldn‘t have thought possible. With my experience, I can now say: You can do anything! Just prepare well, especially mentally, acquire knowledge and skills and start as soon as you feel ready. My statements may sound in some directions as if I want to discourage you or as if I think that starting a business is too difficult an act - but that is not the case. I just want to convey how important the right awareness and preparation is. In general, I also think and know that anyone can do it. I am the best example. You don‘t have to be born rich to make it. The belief in yourself is what brings you to what you dream of. The realization that dreams only remain dreams if you don‘t make them come true. Don‘t think that setbacks are an absolute no-go and they will make you incapable of being a successful entrepreneur - Absolutely not! Setbacks are important, yes! You can only escape many with the right mindset, mistakes that in hindsight you think could have been so easily avoided. So remember, preparation is everything! So is the right mindset. Setbacks are okay and they are also important. Take them as an opportunity to improve and grow from them. You too can make it if you just want to.