Design Process

Design ProcessDesign Process
If there‘s one thing I‘ve learned, it‘s that the design process is a process that seems so simple to everyone, but it‘s certainly not. How many times have I sat in front of my designs and despaired. You have visions that you want to make happen, but sometimes they are so clear yet fuzzy in your mind at the same time. It‘s like you‘re floating around and you can look at them from a distance and also see them in front of you but you have to catch them and bring them to a stop to really visualize them down to the smallest detail. This vision catching was really hard work for me. It didn‘t work on the first try and it didn‘t work on the second one either, from the third one on you start to get annoyed and the further it goes the more the desire fades away - I think this is a phenomenon everyone knows. It‘s easier to give up instead of sticking with it and keep trying. Fashion is my passion and I love to create new things, so it was relatively easy for me not to lose my motivation after a few defeats - I can say that now looking back, but in the actual moment of despair, the emotional state is of course quite different again. I have learned to catch my ideas and project them out of my head onto paper. However, it‘s important to keep in mind that not all ideas are perfect with the first thought and that‘s how they will be in front of you. Once the first design is drawn and lies in front of you, the real process begins. Only then it is also possible for the head again to create and add new things. You have to keep in mind that the first time you were mentally ready to even grasp your idea, there is no room for further elaboration and perfection, that only takes place afterwards. That‘s also my favorite part of the process, because only then is the opportunity created to really let off steam. You have a lot of different ideas and you‘re finally ready to try them out on the actual, rather rough idea. You can see how the origin of the design expands and how it takes on a new character with each new application. A work that takes several weeks and months, that goes through many hands and is thought through with many minds until you can finalize it. A work that I simply love with all my heart. I think from this you can draw well that not all defeats have to be something bad. You can learn from everything and take something away to create something even better. Not only related to the design process, it is applicable to any life situation.